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Panasonic EV297W Rechargeable Swing Roller Massager
Made by Panasonic
  • Offers three different massage choices
  • Rollers provide "finger-pressure" rubdown, pivot to follow body contours
  • Four raised nodes on head provide "knuckle-pressure
  • Large, rounded node provides pinpoint-pressure
  • Two speeds; rechargeable for portable use
Amazon base price: $29.99
List price: $50.00 (that's 40% off!)
Average review score:

Stress Relief par Excellance!
I concur with the previous reviewer.

I also want to add that though I was initially not enthusiastic about using this massager, I discovered when I had jaw surgery two weeks ago (3 Feb 2004) this massage was one of the best ways to stimulate, relax and release blood flow from my neck and shoulders, where I usually store lots of tension.

Wonferful Massager
This massager is curved just right and works like no other The new roller feature makes it even better than previous models. Portable, cordless - I take it from the office to the bedroom and use it from my neck to my toes.
It makes a great gift

Panasonic EV290W Hand-Held Massager
Made by Panasonic
  • Powerful two-speed massager
  • Angled handle, flexible neck to easily reach any spot
  • Four different types of massage
  • Hook for hanging in bathroom or locker
  • One-year limited warranty
Amazon base price: $21.99
List price: $29.99 (that's 27% off!)
Average review score:

a little too powerful
This thing was so powerful, while I massaged my sore shoulders, I actually started to feel nauseated! The pulsating massager caused me to feel like I was getting motion sickness. I stopped and tried again later--at low speed and alas, made me sick again. If you don't tend to get motion sickness, then give it a try. I sent it back.

Great for the Price need more settings
I wish it had a lower setting. I used on my wife and we only used the 1st of 2 settings, and she was sore the next morning.
The Low setting seems like it should be a high setting on another massager. And the High is too powerful.

Cord needs to be longer. I had to find an extension cord to use on the couch.

ummm good one of these babies for the old lady...
now I am free to stay in the garage and play with my harleys all day and night. This toy rocks the house.. and the bed!

HoMedics PA-200H Therapist Select Deluxe Percussion Action Massager
Made by HoMedics
  • Percussion massager works muscles with up to 3,100 pulses per minute
  • 3 programmable massage styles and 3 speeds for individual preferences
  • 5 strengths provide steady massage variation
  • Soothing heat penetrates sore muscles
  • Dual pivoting heads adjust to fit all body areas
Amazon base price: $48.99
List price: $90.00 (that's 46% off!)
Buy one from zShops for: $30.76
Average review score:

HoMedics PA-200H Therapist Select Deluxe
This massager really disappointed me. It's very hard to handle for more than a few minutes, as it's handle is not shaped well for hands. Worst of all, it is VERY heavy. I have large, strong hands, so I didn't expect that to be a problem.
It is also very loud. Maybe I can sell it!

HoMedics PA-200H Massager
My chiropracter uses this massager in her practice. It felt so wonderful for my low back pain that I just had to have one for home. I don't know if I'll ever use all the bells and whistles but the programmable massage and heat applications may be just the thing someday.
The only negative is the overall weight of 5 pounds which makes it difficult to self-apply. The massager seems sturdy and well designed otherwise.

Yes, this is the massager to get! The POWERFUL multi-level pulsation is nothing less then orgasmic. Add the heat control option (which actually heats up to a comfortable warm) and you're simply in heaven. I like that I'm in control and can direct it to where I need, when I need it -- anytime! This baby is the next best thing to having a real hands-on massage - it's the best!

HoMedics SM-200 Therapist Select Deluxe Adjustable-Spacing Shiatsu Massager
Made by HoMedics
  • Two massage heads simulate rhythmic kneading of shiatsu masseur's thumbs
  • Head spacing adjusts for neck, arms, feet, back, and other areas
  • Two-way directional selector adjusts kneading action inward or outward
  • Angled for use lying down; also, straps secure massager to chair backs
  • Large rubberized handles; inflatable headrest included
Amazon base price: $39.99
List price: $68.00 (that's 41% off!)
Average review score:

Maybe I'm crazy, but....
I just don't like it!!! I tried it on my neck and I just couldn't get it adjusted to feel good. Adjusting is not have to get up and figure out where the thingy is and it's frustrating. The massage heads are HARD and not cushioned well at all and after a while it's just irritating. The noise...oh yeah...that's very relaxing...GRRRRR GRRRRRR!!!!!

I bought it for my husband ( was a selfish gift), but he couldn't stand it and I swore I'd prove to him how great it was...well...I couldn't do it!

So, there it sits and sits and sits...til the day I throw it in the give-away pile.

Save your money!

Didn't do anything for me
I tried this but didn't care for it. I love to have my neck massaged, but I just couldn't get comfortable with this - the masaging heads are hard and limited in adjustment capability. I was hoping I could use it on my feet, too, but it definitely isn't intended for that.

Great little massager!!!
This massager is a great invention! It works just like two thumbs and really massages deep to get rid of those muscle knots!!!
If you get headaches because of tension in your neck, and it feels better to have someone rub out the knots, this is the perfect machine for you. It's adjustable in width so that it fits just perfectly around your neck.
I highly recommend it! Some reviews mentioned a "noise" which I barely noticed at all!
Give it a try!

HoMedics WV-100H Therapist Select Deluxe Wave-Action Massager with Heat
Made by HoMedics
  • Four pairs of heads provide various types of vibration massage
  • Head pairs: contoured "palms;" rounded nodes; tiny fingers; infrared heat
  • Variable speed control; soft, ergonomic handle
  • 15 inches long; 4-inch oval heads; 16-foot power cord
  • 2-year warranty against defects
Amazon base price: $54.99
List price: $110.00 (that's 50% off!)
Buy one from zShops for: $39.00
Average review score:

Big and heavy
This product works well but is quite cumbersome. The extra long cord makes it easy to plug in and use anywhere.

shirley in Cuero Tx
have tryed this one and several others the moving massagers are to big and it seemed harder to use so I went with the homedics pa200h it is not so bulky in my oppion though they both do a wonderful job on tired feet and sore backs.

A Homedics Product to Enjoy!
I use a lot of Homedics products, as I find them so reliably useful. This massager is no exception, offering a little lighter intensity massage for people who are sensitive to really deep massage. It is less intense than the Homedics Percussion massagers. I find it particularly useful to set down on the bed against some cushions and work on my low back. It is a little heavy, but that can be an advantage, as you don't have to push on it at all in order to get the pressure you need when working your neck and shoulders. All in all, a good product for the more senstive user.

Homedics RM-100 Rechargeable Stick Massager
Made by HoMedics
  • Compact, portable, cordless massager relieves sore muscles
  • Dual-surface massage head: acupressure fingers and acupoint tip
  • Two speeds; comfortable, ergonomic handle; flexible neck
  • Provides 15 minutes of use; recharger included
  • 2-year limited warranty
Amazon base price: $14.99
List price: $19.99 (that's 25% off!)
Average review score:

HoMedics stick massage
This little guy is nice for the price. It's not the greatest, but it has a good amount of power. Also, you can adjust how you use it. It doesn't hold a charge for very long though, and needs to be recharged often.

PANASONIC EV297W Reach Easy Swing Cordless Massager
Made by Panasonic
  • Rechargeable Massager for Cordless Convenience
  • Swinging Double Roller follows the body's contours
  • Swivel Head dial rotates massage surfaces
  • Motor-in-head for more power at the point of contact
  • Reach Easy design for easier access everywhere
Amazon base price: $34.88

PANASONIC EV299W Hand Held Reach Easy Swing Massager
Made by Panasonic
  • Two-speed Massager with Heat
  • Reach Easy design for easier access everywhere
  • Motor-in head for more power at the point of contact
  • Swivel head dial rotates massage surfaces
  • Swinging double roller follows your body's contours
Amazon base price: $34.99
Buy one from zShops for: $38.43

PANASONIC EV326W Rechargeable Handheld Massager
Made by Panasonic
  • Electric Massager
  • Sliding telescopic handle for hard-to-reach areas
  • Raised massage nodes for a penetrating deep massage
  • Flexing massage head adjusts to your body's contours
  • Two Speeds for desired power
Amazon base price: $19.99

Panasonic EV328 Ex-Tension Massager with Heat
Made by Panasonic
  • Sliding telescoping handle for effortless massage of difficult-to-reach areas
  • Two-handed grip allows for more pressure
  • Large massage nodes for a penetrating deep massage.
  • Wide heating element for deep soothing heat
  • Flexing massage head adjusts to body's contours
Amazon base price: $39.99
List price: $50.00 (that's 20% off!)

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